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#1-Thin Paring Knife- This is our most popular item. Used for over 70 years at the Oregon State Fair apple peeling contest. The flexible thin blade
is perfect for peeling and slicing fruit & vegetables.
#2-Arthritic Paring Knife- This is the same blade as the Thin Paring with a thicker handle.
#3-Large Paring Knife- A wider blade than #1 & #2. Similar purpose, peeling & slicing fruit & vegetables.
#4-Curved Handle Thin Paring- Same blade blade as #1 & #2.Longer, curved handle feels good in the hand to a majority of people.
#5-Granny Paring Knife- A heavy, thick blade of 440c. Good for small boning jobs, coring, squash- whenever a thick stiff blade is desired.
#6-Peeler Paring Knife- Multi-purpose peeler is right & left handed. It's sharp on both sides of the peeler blade to work either direction.
a short knife blade on the tip of the peeler removes carrot tops, potatoe eyes, bad spots. The scalloped edge grates carrots, decorates carrots-cucumbers.
#7-Fruit Slicer- The longest blade of the paring knives. Great for cutting fruit and vegetables in half, cheese , any large paring job.
#9-Tomatoe Slicer- Very coarse serration is great for slicing fruit, vegetables, bread with a tough or waxey skin-tomatoes,cucumbers,bagels.
#11-Mom's Utility- A good multipurpose all around kitchen knife. Small slicing jobs, cutting and peeling a majority of things.
#12-5" Slicer- A heavy thick blade of 440c. Great for cutting apart chicken, squash, and any kind of slicing. My personal favorite.
#13-6" Slicer- Thinner blade than the 5" Slicer, good slicing knife for bigger jobs.
#15-Boning Knife- A heavy , thick blade of 440c. 6" blade length is great for fish, filleting, boning roast & ham and heavy slicing jobs.
#16-7&1/2" Slicer/Fillet- A heavy , thick blade of 440c. 7&1/2" blade length is great for fish, filleting, boning roast & ham and heavy slicing jobs.
#17-8"Carver- Great for carving any kind of meat.
#18-8" Heavy Duty Carver- A heavy, thick blade of 440c. Same shape as #17
#19-8" Serrated Carver- A heavy thick blade of 440c. Excellent for cutting bread (frozen), any larger item with a tough skin.
#20-Offset Carver- Strange looking and functional. Feels great in the hand. Most people love this knife. It does the job of a Chef's Knife and then some.
Great for slicing bricks of cheese and any kind of meat. The whole length of the blade is on the cutting board while your hand remains out of the way.
#21-Chef Knife- Typically a vegetable knife. Great for dicing/chopping up vegetables.
#22-Offset 5" Slicer- The same handle as #20 with the same blade as #12.
#23-Offset Serrated Carver- Not pictured.The same handle as #20 and the same blade as #19. Great for bread.
#29-3" Spreader- A very popular item. Great for spreading butter, peanut butter, icing, etc. I've been told "you cannot spread butter without a butter spreader".
#30-5" Spreader- Same usage as 3" Spreader with longer blade & handle. Great for the bottom of bigger jars.
#31-Small Turner- Great for eggs, cookies, brownies, caserole. Many uses.
#32-Narrow Turner- Same usage as Small Turner with a longer handle & blade.
#33-Wide Turner- Great for pancakes and larger turning jobs. Same handle as #32 with a wider blade.
#34-Pie Cutter- Not pictured. This has a sharp edge on one side for citting and serving pie, cake, meatloaf, etc.
#36-Large Bowl Curved Handle Solid Spoon- Great for cooking and serving.
#37-Large Bowl Curved Handle Pierced Spoon- Great for cooking and serving when liquids should be drained.
#38-Stirring Spoon- Sturdy mixing spoon with a blunt end for getting flat on the bottom of a pot, pan or bowl.
#39-Cooking Spoon- Sturdy mixing spoon.
#40-Curved Handle Pierced Serving Spoon- Great for serving up corn, peas, beans, anything that needs strained, on the table.
#41-Curved Handle Serving Spoon- Good serving spoon for the table.
#42-Ice Cream Spoon- Will not bend in hard ice cream.
#43-Gravy Ladle- For gravy & light sauces.
#44-Large Ladle- Great for soups, sauces, etc.
#45-Short Handle Large Bowl Solid Spoon- Same blade as #36. Same usage as #41 with a bigger serving.
#46-Short Handle Large Bowl Pierced Spoon- Same blade as #37. Same usage as #40 with a bigger serving.
#47-Meat Fork- Great for turning bacon, pork chops, chicken. Also use to serve with on a platter.
#48-Pickle Fork- Great for pickles, olives, etc.. Can also use for serving, turning
#49-Curved Handle Pickle Fork- Same as #48 with a slight curve in the handle. Great for a relish plate.
#50-Carving Fork- Larger fork for serving and carving turkey, roast, ham.
#51-B-B-Q Fork- Great for turning or serving meat, veggies, etc.
#52-Tableware- Table Knife, Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Teaspoon, Soup Spoon. Table setting for 6 people. Total of 30 pieces.
#58-Small Salmon Knife- A heavy thick blade of 440c with a spoon on the handle end. Great for cleaning salmon, trout, etc.
#59-Large Salmon Knife- A heavy thick blade of 440c, 6 " in length with a spoon on the handle end. Great for cleaning or filleting, salmon, trout, etc.
#60-Sharpening Steel- The steel blade is 8.5" in length and made of D2 tool steel. It is a medium grit finish.
#61-Ice Tea Spoon Set- Same blade as Teaspoon in the Tableware with a longer handle.
#62-Flip & Dip Set- Consists of #29, #31, #47, #36 & #41. Can substitute #37 & #40 with #36 & #41.
#64-Large Set- Consists of #1, #7, #9, #13, #17, and #21
#65-Small Set- Consists of #1, #9, #13 and #17.
#67-Steak Knife Set- Six serrated steak knives.